Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Delicas

These bracelets were made from the same pattern, and are both 8 beads wide - but look at the difference!

The top bracelet was made with size 8 Delicas (DBLs), and the bottom one with size 11 Delicas. Huge difference, right?

The stitch is square stitch, which gives nice, even coverage, much like peyote. And like peyote, it is time-consuming, in fact, I find it takes even longer to cover the same amount of space doing square stitch, and uses a whole lot more FireLine, because you are going through each new bead, as well as a bead from the previous row, more than once to create each stitch. But this certainly gives a very stable, locked-in stitch (as I found out when I had to take apart the greenish bracelet several times during its construction, but more about that tomorrow!)

I like this zigzag pattern a lot, and as much as I like big jewelry, I actually like the thinner, purple bracelet better - I don't know why! How about you - which do you like better?


Halinka said...

They are both nice.I also like that 'zig-zag' form and like the square stitch.It's in my opinion more resemble on brick stitch,which I like best.Fine shapes-nice colors.

Christine Altmiller said...

Great Zigzag! Square stitch does seem to take forever, but I love how sturdy it is. I prefer the smaller 11' Delicas. The smaller the beads the better :-)