Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

Just a quickie today! I'm starting to feel like you guys are as tired of this necklace as I am!


I have completed 3 inches of fringe on the zombie iolite fringe project!

For newcomers, I decided awhile back to start finishing some of my (hundreds of) unfinished jewelry design projects (henceforth known as Zombies, because I am bringing them back to life. Theoretically). I decided to start with the iolite fringe necklace.

Then I discovered that after 5 years of this particular project sitting idle, I could not duplicate the fringing style I was using way back when, so I made the decision to take it apart and start over.

Then I had some problems making myself work on it.

But now I am chugging along. My goal is to work on it 2 hours a day (except weekends), and I come pretty close. This works out to about an inch of fringe per day - I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but soon, I hope! The fringe is pretty dense, and I'm afraid that all the gorgeous beads in the crocheted base of the necklace - the pearls, the iolite, the glittery Czech firepolish beads - may not show in the finished design. See the difference here? How light and airy the old fringe was? It looks kinda like a furry caterpillar now. Oh well, time will tell.... Not doing it over again, I assure you!

Gotta go fringe now - have a great Wednesday!

What's on your worktable?


Halinka said...

I can see-it's going slowly and read Your clear put off towards those 'zombie project',but...all that You've made so far is going to be really pretty.I'm really impressed by this iolite necklace of Yours.
I have also the tough time now-more in the garden-planting,mowing the grass and picking up weeds,than beading.I had started the very strenuous necklace and of course-I'm going to finish it someday,but it's going the same way,like Your iolite one:-)
So,thus-I'm keeping the 'company' with YOu and think about YOu warmly:-)

Maggie said...

I'm not tired of seeing it, actually look forward to seeing the progress. It's taking a nice shape and looking very pretty.