Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

I finally finished de-fringing my Zombie Iolite Fringe Necklace late yesterday. Tedious, but not as tedious as I had thought it would be.

Here is the unfringed, sterling silver-crocheted iolite, freshwater pearl, and Czech firepolish necklace:
It's pretty, but a little too bare-bones for me, the queen of embellishing. I just feel like it needs a little something extra.

Here is a detail shot - showing the beads, and the silver crochet:

Would you believe I had completely forgotten that there were any freshwater pearl in this necklace? After all, I made it 5 years ago, but the fringing had really obscured the pearls in the crochet spine of this necklace, and since I hadn't chosen to include any pearls in the fringe, they were just ... invisible.

And here is what I am left with for today's worktable:

Thousands and thousands of beads to sort before I can start fringing again. That pile doesn't look all that big, but I raked them all together so they would fit in one shot - I estimate there are about 120 grams of seed beads there, based on the number of empty seed-bead containers I have waiting on the workbench! There are a few iolite briolettes, some 4mm cubes, and then comes the real fun: silver-lined crystal seed beads in both 8/0, 11/0 AND 15/0; tanzanite seed beads in both 8/0 and 11/0; pearl white seed beads in both 11/0 and 15/0; and THREE colors of 15/0 Charlottes: purple iris, pearl white, and pearl white AB. I am struggling with telling the last 2 apart - I suppose, technically, it doesn't matter (especially if I just re-fringe them all onto the necklace), but there are 3 flaws with that logic:

1) I have an obsessive need to know which color bead I am stitching with at all times!!
2) If I have any left over when I finish, I have a super-obsessive need for them to go back into the correct container!
3) I have rethought my original design, and am going to switch up the design a little - I am going to taper the fringe, so it's longer in the front than on the sides and back; I'm going to add some pearls; and I want to avoid obscuring the pretty, basic crochet structure of the necklace, so the fringe is not going to be quite so dense. That's the plan, anyway.

So, once the seed beads are sorted, I will start fringing, again! And that's my Wednesday - hope you have a great day!


Halinka said...

I'm disappointed a little:
I had thought You would have left that fringe in that necklace,only improving on it somehow by adding-diminishing-increasing-decreasing...etc.
I cannot say,that it is not nice now-it really is,but...somehow has lost its finesia it had before.
Ohh,this is only my private opinion-someone else could think the other way,but I loved that fringe.It gave the special character to the necklace.

Sweet Freedom said...

Don't be disappointed, Halinka! There was just no way to remove only some of the fringe - it was all interconnected. So I took it all off, and am now going to put it back on. And just like "the Six Million Dollar Man," it will be better (not necessarily stronger, or faster, but definitely better!)

Maggie said...

I'm a bit OCD, but I'm also one of those who would just keep that mess as is, pass it on to someone else, and start on the fringe with new beads. Waste not, want not is not my motto.

Halinka said...

Fine,that You have decided to attach the new fringe to this necklace.It will surely have the new and beautiful look.