Sunday, May 13, 2012

Indicolite Blue and Sterling Silver Bracelet

This visually stunning bracelet was created with big, luscious 8mm round Swarovski crystals in indicolite - a deep shade of blue which is possibly my favorite Swarovski color, ever. Although it's really hard to pick a favorite!

These deep blue crystals are so large, and so rich in color, that I wanted them to be the focus of the bracelet. I decided they should be paired with just sterling silver, small beads that didn't detract from the crystals' impact. Then, to increase the drama, I added a piece of "diamond cut" sterling chain; I'm not sure how this is really made, but whatever they did makes little shiny "facets" on the links of the chain, so it really catches the light. I added one more indicolite crystal as a dangle, and a gorgeous abstract heart toggle, for a little romance.

And it is available here, in my Etsy shop.

And because I am so crazy about indicolite, let's have a little gemology/minerology lesson this morning!

I love raw gemstones and minerals, and have a huge collection of my own, but no indicolite, unfortunately! Indicolite is also known as "blue tourmaline," but it is actually not tourmaline at all - differing from tourmaline in a number of ways, including its Mohs hardness rating (it is softer than tourmalines). Indicolite is actually a member of the Elbaite family.

Large reserves of Indicolite gemstone occur in Madagascar, North America, Brazil, Myanmar, Africa, Australia Sri Lanka and Siberia. Indicolite can also be found in dolomitic limestones.

This is a picture of a large specimen of raw indicolite - isn't it gorgeous?

Here are 2 smaller indicolite crystals, in a matrix of quartz and albite. This specimen is from Afghanistan:

And this is one of my favorite indicolite pics - a polished slab of indicolite from Brazil:

Indicolite is said to have the power to protect its wearer from all harmful effects. Indicolite is thought to help bring joy and happiness to the life of the wearer. Its amazing blue color has a calming effect which is believed to help relieve stress. Indicolite is credited with the unique capability of augmenting harmony, tolerance, kindness, and tranquility in humans.

Sounds like we'd all benefit from a little indicolite in our lives!


Maggie said...

Those are beautiful and look like something out of a super hero story, magical powers. Love the bracelet, simple elegance is my fav type of jewelry to wear and this fits that description perfectly.

reza jica said...

relay relay beautiful

reza jica said...

nice color