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Metaphysics and Gemstones - Creativity and Artistic Expression

I am fascinated by metaphysics, in all its guises. I'm not here to debate - but to share information that I find interesting.  Believe, don't believe - personally, as far as gemstones and their healing properties, I keep an open mind, and firmly believe that I can use all the help I can get, and no harm can come from wearing more gemstone jewelry!

First, a little background:

Metaphysics means, simply, "what comes after the physical".

Traditional Metaphysics is an ancient branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world, attempting to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world by investigating principles of reality that transcend those of any particular branch of science.

Modern metaphysics is a looser, all-encompassing study of topics that are "beyond the physical world", including subjects like spirits, faith healing, the occult, healing properties or energies of stones and crystals. This new Metaphysics thus includes studies of philosophy, astrology, parapsychology, meditation, yoga, mysticism, and many more areas which all share at their core a basis in the exploration and understanding of reality.

Metaphysically speaking, the term “healing” is a holistic concept that extends beyond the physical body to encompass our minds, emotions, and spirits, such that if any one part of us is “sick” or out of balance, the whole being will be “sick”. Healing therefore is the process of restoring balance and being in harmony with natural forces. For centuries, gemstones and crystals been believed to play a role in healing and restoring mental and physical balance, with different "healing" attributes assigned to different gems and crystals. As a lifelong rock hoarder, jewelry designer and collector, and a purveyor of gemstones, beads, and cabochons, these metaphysical properties fascinate me, and I'd like to explore some of them further.

Please note: This information is provided for entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as diagnosis, prescription, or healthcare information, directives, recommendation, or advice. Please see a licensed healthcare provider for advice and recommendations regarding specific injuries or illnesses.

When using gemstones and crystals for healing purposes, it is said that most effective way to use any gemstone is to wear it as close to the skin as possible, preferably in direct contact, as a pendant or focal bead. This is particularly relevant when working with Chakras, which I'll address at a later time. If it isn't possible to wear the stone against your skin, you can hold the gemstone in your hand while reading or watching television, or even place the gemstone under your pillow at night.

There are myriad resources available to those interested in more information about the metaphysical properties of gemstones - the internet, books, and metaphysical practitioners, and more. Many resources list the healing properties by gemstone, an approach I took earlier this week when I dedicated a post to indicolite, one of my favorite gemstones.

I've been thinking more about these metaphysical properties ever since I did that spur-of-the-moment post, and I decided that looking at the properties according to their purported benefits made more sense to me, so I'm embarking on a series of posts dedicated to these metaphysical benefits, starting with something we all could benefit from recharging: creativity and artistic expression.

Many stones are believed to increase artistic expression and creativity, but I'm going to limit my list to those that are fairly easily found as beads or cabochons, since these are so readily available to jewelry designers and wearers.

Stones which may benefit persons who want to increase their artistic expression and creativity include:

Botswana agate:

Rutilated quartz:


Watermelon Tourmaline:


Picasso Jasper:



And there are many more - they just aren't as readily accessible at your local bead shop!

Here are a few pieces I have made featuring these stones:

My aventurine, freshwater pearl, and Vintaj Natural Brass multistrand bracelet, from the Bead Soup Blog Party Challenge last year.

A carnelian and citrine necklace, available in my Etsy shop (matching earrings are available separately):

I actually use all of these gemstones fairly frequently - I guess I just need to start wearing them more often!

Stay tuned for the next update to my Gemstones and Metaphysics series...

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Maggie said...

Had to come back and read this one. Missed it yesterday. I find it fascinating and keep an open mind also. I envy the Native Americans who were so in touch with the earth. We, as a people, have lost our way with technology and the stress we bring about.