Friday, May 25, 2012

Fold-formed and enameled earrings

These earrings were forged from 24g sheet copper, which I cut, sanded, fold-formed, and then enameled. I used transparent "beryl" enamel, and fired them in the kiln (as opposed to immersion torch-firing). I chose the kiln because I wanted to maintain the texture I'd achieved with the folding, and sometimes immersion enameling can fill up all the texture, defeating all your hard work - but also because I love firescale. There - I said it: Firescale can be beautiful!

Immersion enameling doesn't allow for firescale formation - some view this as a great benefit. Me? Not so much - sometimes I have to fire up the kiln and get a little firescale flavor going.

And now I am laughing because Blogger spell check believes that "firescale" is a typo for "freckle". LOL!


Pamela said...

These are pretty!!

Maggie said...

Those are gorgeous, freckles and all! That shape would be pretty in a cascading necklace. For some reason blogger keeps thinking you are a spammer on my blog. Seriously? You are even a follower. Makes no sense, but I do check my spam folder semi-regularly to look for you!