Monday, May 21, 2012

Simply Dotty

These black and white polka dotted beads started out as a "stretchy" bracelet I saw at Target - one of those beads-on-elastic cheapie things that never fit well, then stretch out, and then break. I hate elastic jewelry!

But I love black and white, and I love polka dots, so I bought the bracelet, took it apart (OK, cut the elastic) - and remade them into several pairs of earrings by adding a white bead and a dangle of jet Czech firepolish.

They sold pretty quickly, and now I wish I had kept a pair for me!

I'm intentionally not using the words "repurposed" or "upcycled" here - for a couple of reasons. One, those words are used to death, in my opinion, and two, they are so often used incorrectly! I don't see what I did as particularly "green," - I just saw something I liked (the black and white bead) and turned it into something I would wear. Nothing noble going on here - just jewelry design!

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