Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Let's Dig up a Zombie!!

As I told you earlier this week, I have lots and lots and lots of partially finished jewelry designs. I get started on one, full of enthusiasm, and then get attracted to another bright shiny project, and forget all about the first. And before you know it, I need to rent a storage unit to house all these "dead" projects.

Of course, we all know this is NOT my storage unit, because it is too neat! LOL

So anyway, I decided that something needs to be done about all these unfinished projects - they date as far back as 2007! So I have decided to resurrect these dead projects, one at a time, until I have cleared out all boxes of unfinished projects!

And what else would you call unfinished projects that are brought back from the dead, except "Zombies!"

The first Zombie project I am reviving dates back to 2008: it is a hybrid (mixed media) design involving both wire crochet and beadweaving. I call it Iolite Fringe, and I first showed it here in a post back in December, 2008! It's interesting to go back and read that post, because you can almost smell the Zombie starting to decompose, as I talk about how tedious the fringing is, and how it is going to take forever to finish. And I was right!! I have been "working on" this project for 3.5 years, and it's still not done!

This is box 1 of the 2 boxes which house my zombie beadweaving projects:

Here is the bag containing the iolite fringe project, untouched since 2008:

The poor necklace is in there, along with all the seed beads and gemstones.
I opened the bag, and pulled out the necklace:
If you look at the necklace, you can see that over on the right side, the fringe is nice and full, and essentially finished. But that leaves the front and the left side still undone, and then my absolute least favorite part - the ends! The bag in the center contains the gorgeous top-drilled iolite I am using (I love iolite!), and the other containers are the various seed beads I am fringing with.

On the left side of the necklace you can see a bit of a bend in the base of the wire crochet necklace - this was the only negative effect suffered the years of captivity in the Ziploc bag in the bottom of the box, and I was able to easily manipulate the wire back into shape, so yay!

This is the fringe portion at the bottom of the necklace. My goal is to add enough passes of fringe that the wire base is no longer visible. The challenge will be to replicate my weaving style from 3 years ago - and I suspect this will be the hardest part for me, because as we grow in our beading skills and influences, our style changes so much!

So, this is my first Zombie project - I will start working on it later today, and will finish it when I finish it. I know it got put away because it was too tedious, and that's what has kept it locked up for years, but I must attack the zombie with all my willpower, or it will defeat me!

And while I am fully resolved to clearing out the unfinished projects, I make absolutely NO promises to not start any NEW projects along the way - a girl's gotta have a little fun, you know!


H.T. said...

HI..... :-))
Fine blogpost again-I love it!!:-)
The necklace is really cute,very unique and SHOUL be finished!I was watching it back and forth and came to the conclusion-I'd finish it,if it was mine:-)It's really worth it.I bet ,You have lots of fine,unfinished things there-go in and show me:-))I'd like to see them one after one:-))
Warm Bear Hugs-Halinka-

Maggie said...

That Zombie is so much prettier than the ones I see on TV. It's going to be a beauty when finished. It's so close, yet still so much to do, but you can do it!