Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They're Going to Kill Us!!!!

Did that catch your eye? -

Obviously, it is a little out of context, but that is a direct quote, made by the lady directly in front of me at the Aiken, SC, Kroger this past Monday morning. 3/9/09, to be exact.

And just what prompted this outburst? And yes, it was an outburst -

Not masked men in guns, bursting through the front doors of the Kroger, I assure you.

Here's the entire context:

The checker has finished scanning all of this lady's items, so the woman asked the Kroger employee "has that cigarette tax increase gone into effect yet?"

To which the employee responded, "Yes", and the woman then scoffed loudly, and asked for a carton of Marlboros.

As the checker was handing the woman her Marlboros, the customer yells, to no one in particular, but to everyone within a 50 foot radius: "They're going to kill us!!!!!"

So obviously, since I was right behind her, I had been able to hear the entire exchange, but I wasn't really watching - I was innocently loading my items onto the conveyor belt.

But when she makes this outlandishly bizarre statement at the top of her lungs, I turned to look at her, and calmly stated: "I assume you're talking about those cigarettes."

She looked at me like I had grown a second head - and starts to explain to me that the government was trying to kill her with this cigarette tax.

So now the irony is just slapping me in the face, and I just had to point out that the cigarettes would likely kill her before any cigarette tax increase did, but irony was evidently not on the menu for her that day, as she just took her stuff and grumpily moved on out of the Kroger.



Melody Marie Murray said...

Stupid should hurt. :-)

Sweet Freedom said...

No kidding - the ERs would be overrun!

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

My ribs hurt from laughing so hard. Thanks, I needed that.

(Please, please tell me that she was not, by chance, blonde!)

Sweet Freedom said...

CD - if she were ever blonde, she passed her last blonde day at least 35 years ago.... she was full-on gray.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I loved your response to her!

Sweet Freedom said...

Oh Sharon - it's that damn fancy book-learned they learnt me at Medical School. I just can't seem to block it out of my mind!

Sweet Freedom said...

And that was supposed to be fancy book-learnin'.

Guess it wasn't all that fancy - or else my fingers are getting to fat for these lap top keys!