Monday, October 22, 2012

Serpentine Woven Bracelet

This is another bracelet I finished while I was waiting for glass to fire - this is one I started back on September 19; I showed you the beginnings of it during a Wednesday Worktable post, but then abandoned it for other shiny pursuits! I'm so glad I didn't let it become a Zombie! (which reminds me: I have not kept my commitment to revive the Zombies .... I need to work on that!)

Here is the finished Serpentine Bracelet:

I also dug into my purple Vintage glass buttons for this closure - these buttons have been very handy lately! They match a lot of my current work - I must be in a purple phase!

I like how the buttons are opposite each other, instead of together on the same end - it is a little trickier to fasten, but it gives a more balanced finish.

This pattern (designed by the talented Smadar Grossman) is not difficult - but it was a difficult one for me to finish. It consists of a lot of repetitive serpentine units, which need tight tension in order to keep their curves without thread showing, and that can be hard on my hands. Plus, I found that I needed to count continually, or I would find myself in the next unit, and missing a bead. The previous unit would look correct, but when I got in there and physically counted, one bead was missing. Makes a difference! After pulling out LOTS of units and re-stitching them, I learned to just count every time. Between the repetition of the stitches (I got bored!), the counting, and the tension - this is one I probably won't repeat (and if I hadn't made myself pick it up and finish it while waiting for the glass, it could easily have become a zombie!)

But it sure is a gorgeous bracelet!


BackstoryBeads said...

Love the combination of pearls down the spine and firepolish for the edges. And that button closure - what a fantastic finishing touch! said...

wow are you industrious or what !

Halinka said...

Fantastic bracelet.Very interesting pattern and the nice Work of Yours.Those closures are incerdibly pretty.They match here perfectly.
Warm Greets-Halinka-

Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful bracelet, this pattern is something that would satisfied my OCD.