Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

While I wait for my Picasso glass to firepolish in the kiln today, I'll be working on an idea I had for a metalsmithing class. I need to work up a prototype, to assess all the variables that would go into the (potential) class.

Here's my raggedy piece of sheet copper, sitting on top of my shape templates. I got out the hole-punch pliers, the chasing hammer, and my metal shears. The corner of my Rubbermaid metal-working tool box is in the top left corner, close at hand, and yet I can guarantee, 100%, that I STILL won't have everything I need for this project when I sit down to start working. Because, to paraphrase Walter Cronkite, "that's the way it is." You young whippersnappers can just Google "Walter Cronkite," and "whippersnapper", for that matter.

Have a great Wednesday!

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LOL love it
I am so old !