Sunday, October 14, 2012

Head-to-Head Challenge

My friend Sonya (SAS Jewelry Designs) and I have decided to try a Head-to-Head Challenge - here's how it works:
  • each participant must incorporate one (or more) matching components into the finished piece
  • the finished piece must contain an element of freeform beadweaving
  • participants will blog at the beginning of the challenge, showing the chosen matching element(s)
  • monthly progress reports will be blogged
  • The finished piece will be revealed on our blogs at the 3 month deadline
Sonya is the Queen of blog challenges, and has a slew of them on her calendar right now, so I'm glad she was willing to take on one more!

Since she and I are the only players this round, we worked together to pick a component for the challenge that we were both excited about working with:
It's a  speckled ceramic red triangle, in a beautiful, autumnal, deep orangy-red. Love it!

And... that pic makes it look huge, so I took another one:

That's a little better.

After years of working for corporations, constantly under the gun with deliverables and other deadlines, I am not so big on deadlines anymore, which is one reason I don't enter many challenges (the other reason being, I am not big on rules, either - preferring to create organically, letting the materials guide the process) - this challenge suits me to a T. The deadline is a long way away, and I can work on this when the mood strikes! Plus, I get to do freeform weaving, my favorite (no rules!) - but can also add any other design elements/techniques I choose. Freeform really needs to happen organically, so I'm glad I have a long time to let this project develop.

I love freeform weaving, and have been wanting to start a freeform piece for over a year - This is just the kick in the butt I needed! Freeform is so liberating - you don't have to think outside the box, because there IS no box!

The deadline for this Head-to-Head challenge is January 14, and Sonya and I will be posting our updates on Nov. 14 and Dec. 14.


dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Can't wait....this is a great idea.

Christine Altmiller said...

i am so excited to see where this leads! i like how simple the component is. earthy, with great color and shape. you may help me embrace freeform (i am "I'm gonna start" with freeform peyote for 10 months now) by following this challenge.

Therese's Treasures said...

You two have fun with this. I look forward to seeing the progress and the final piece in January.