Friday, October 19, 2012

The Picasso Reveal

Time to reveal the completed pieces from my first Picasso Technique glass run:

14 Picasso-style dichroic glass pendants

This is a group shot of all the pieces. I got 14 finished pendants out of the 5 pieces I fired - here are those 5 pieces, fresh out of the kiln from firing:

Picasso-style dichroic glass after 1st firing

From here, I engraved them with the Dremel, with a lot of emphasis on Zentangle patterns:

Picasso-style glass after engraving

Next, I cold-worked them, using the ring saw to cut them into various shapes for pendants, and grinding away rough edges. Then they were ready for firepolishing;

Picasso-style pendants, in the kiln for firepolishing

This was the large piece of glass I fired, with the beautiful blues, purples, greens, and pinks:
large Picasso-style piece, before engraving

Here it is after engraving:
large Picasso-style piece, after engraving

From this large piece, I cut 6 pendants:
6 Picasso-style pendants

Here are some more close-ups of the finished pendants:

As with all dichroic glass, the photos just can't do these pieces justice - they are so incredibly beautiful!

Such a fun (but incredibly labor intensive) technique - can't wait to make some more!


Sam said...

They came out really beautiful!


Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Sam - I think so, too!

Bailey says Woof!

BackstoryBeads said...

Impressed beyond words! Was the most fun part puzzling out the individual pendants? said...

They turned out great ! said...

Ok have to comment again - I love the fact that you did not engrave every surface and left some blank - and the fact you used some crinkle too.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Deborah - I love dichroic so much that I didn't want to engrave it all away, and I thought the pendants might look too busy, so I decided to leave some sections unengraved.

And the crinkle was an absolute accident: I had a 4x4 sheet of thin dichro that was a beautiful green, and perfectly smooth. But when I fired it, it had that pretty crinkle in it. I have never found a piece before that was smooth unfired, and then crinkled - it was a nice surprise, and I really love the effect!

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

These are very impressive!

shereen said...

I have 4 6x6 inch tiles in my clam shell firing, can't wait to see how they look. Nice work!!