Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

I officially reached the halfway point of my Zombie Fringe Necklace yesterday evening, a few minutes after 6PM. (Click on that link if you want to see the history of this project.)

The fringed portion is about 2.5 inches longer than it was when I posted last Wednesday, so I continue to progress about 1.2 inch per session - so slow and tedious!

I am feeling very starved creatively, with lots of ideas rolling around in my head, so I am making a new resolution - I am going to work on this necklace on my days "off", too - (whoopee! a whole extra inch of progress per weekend!) - but I simply have to get this necklace off my workbench so I can move on to some new designs!.

The challenge now is to see how I feel about this new resolution when "Pajama Days" roll around this weekend!


Maggie said...

Wowzer! It's going to be a beauty. I applaud your determination and stick to it-ness. I made an ugly sea star yesterday! I have one good one somewhere that I need to put by my torch to remember how they can look.

Halinka said...

My Favorite Necklace in a half-way:-)
I have to give YOu more 'kicks' for the motivation: IT IS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC!! I really love it and I am happy,that You're making that fringe,even more beautiful and I guess bigger,than it was previously.It's getting 'puffy'.
Once I made a very similar thing,but in salmon ,grey and black,with the natural,salmon pearls-button type.There should be somewhere the photos of it-probably at the beginning of my blog.I like the puffy things of this kind.Work over it is strenuous,I know,it takes time,but the final effect is worth the effort.