Friday, June 15, 2012

Another new hobby!

Are you guys familiar with Zentangling? I wasn't, until I discovered it on Pinterest 3 weeks ago, and got hooked.

Awesome Zentangle

Zentangles are a form of doodling - doodling in different patterns to create little pieces of art.

The first thing that attracted me to this art form was the black and white - I LOVE black and white. There's something dramatic about it that draws me in. Probably why I make a lot of black and white jewelry!

The combination of textures and patterns drew me in next - so cool! And this was before I found out there were hundreds (literally) of different Zentangle patterns that can be combined!

To me, there's something very mathematical about this type of "doodling" - filling defined spaces with different shapes - very geometric and logical. It takes some planning to create these "doodles" - which, of course, aren't your everyday, aimless, killing-time-in-a-stupid-business-meeting doodles at all. Looks to me like this art form requires a healthy coordination of right and left brain activity! I have absolutely zero ability to draw, but I really feel like I can do this!

And I love the name "zentangle" - is it possible to achieve a little zen by zentangling?

I have been thoroughly sucked into the world of zentangling, and actually ordered the beginner kit from their website, and it arrived yesterday:

A beautiful hunter green keepsake box...

Filled with all kinds of goodies...pens, pencils, a sharpener, cardstock sheets for drawing, a DVD, and a 20-sided die. I had NO idea what the die was for, so I buzzed back over to the site just now to look. Evidently, if I am stumped as to what tangle pattern to use, I should roll the die and then check the tangle "crib sheet" which is conveniently numbered with 20 different tangle patterns - and let the die choose a pattern for me!

This is obviously going to be my weekend project (when I am not sucked into Pinterest!).

So now I have a new quandary - I just promised 2 days ago to take my Zombie Fringe Necklace home every weekend until I finish it - I guess THAT's not gonna happen this weekend! Gotta Tangle!


Maggie said...

When I saw the title, I thought "Uh oh!" Zentangles are fun, relaxing, and not a bad additional hobby. Not the expense of so many. I bought a similar set, but not sure if mine has the dvd. Have fun! The zombie will be wait for you until next week.

BackstoryBeads said...

I've been tangling for about a year and it IS addicting! I've recently been tangling on black tiles with white gel pens. I was introduced to zentangle by Carole Ohl, one of my favorite bead artists and designers. You must find a moment this week-end to check out her blog: said...

Its amazing what you can do with the zentangle - it sort of blossoms into a total new way of looking at things
I've gone way too far with making rubber stamps, painted glass beads, ceramic decals, glass decals - you name it but I love it !

Sandra Young said...

Oh boy does this ever look like fun! Just might have to buy the kit! Reminds me of drawing mandalas which I love to do! Thank you.