Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tiger Stripe Dichroic Earrings

Did y'all know I also make fused glass? I have been fusing glass since 2007, and even have 2 kilns!

I love glass fusing - it is always a happy surprise to see what the kiln goddess does to your carefully designed pieces once you close up the kiln - such wonders emerge when the kiln cools down!

These pieces came out looking like tigers, so I shaped them into semi-matching drops, and glued them to bails to create these fun striped earrings:

Since I don't have a dedicated area in the studio for glasswork, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a run up for the kiln. Hauling out all the equipment and the glass, bandaging all my wounds because I always forget that glass is SHARP.  But it's so much fun - I really need to make the effort more often!

These tiger stripe earrings are available on Etsy!

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