Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bi-colored Quartz, Pearls, and Lampwork

Don't you hate it when pictures just don't do your work justice?

In reality, no picture, I don't care WHO takes it, under what conditions, can show the real beauty and all the intricate details (and love!) that goes into a piece. But most of the time, my pictures do a good job of representing my work.

My nemesis, picture-wise, is purple. In all of its shades, from the palest lilac to the deepest purple velvet, and even spreading across the spectrum to cobalt/royal blue. Nothing I do (so far) lets the true color of the purples shine through.

But purple isn't the culprit here:

This double stranded necklace started with the gorgeous, earthy lampwork focal. It has several shades of browns, greens, and cream, with big textury dots - love this bead.

I paired it with some mouthwatering faceted bicolored quartz (half lemon quartz, half smoky quartz) - their colors matched the focal perfectly, and the added some sparkle! Then I added some sage green faceted Czech glass, some peach freshwater pearls, and some Swarovski crystals (more sparkle!), and some sterling silver.

I really love the necklace. It all came together perfectly (in my opinion, of course!).

But the photographs didn't come together at all - this is the best one, and it is overexposed, but when I reduced the exposure, the details of the focal and the quartz were lost. I know I took 75 pictures of this necklace if I took one. All different camera settings, angles, backdrops. Crazy.

But the necklace (and it's beautiful components) stood on their own - with the earrings selling right away, and the necklace selling a few months later.

 This is another set that has given me "Seller's remorse" - I miss it!


Maggie said...

Beautiful set and I so understand the frustations of photographing certain colors. I'm with you on the purples and also have trouble with reds.

Maggie said...

Hmmm. That's weird how you couldn't find my Bidwell Park post. Maybe this link will work:

Halinka said...

The necklace and the earrings are really beautiful.It's sometimes very hard to show all the beauty of the detailes in our work.I sometimes have the ambivalent feelings towards the certain pictures taken by my Husband,but recently we have started to understand and synchronize our ways of seeing the object.My Husband came up to the photo more from the technical point,than the artistic one.For Him was more important the photo to be 'technically perfect',for me - it must have the 'artistic soul'-the soul of the object and the piece of mine in one.I had held the real'battles' with Him about the special 'feelings' in the photos He took-now He seems to understand deeper,what I mean.Our photos are going to be better and better-the good equipment is not everything.The photographer's eye and the camera's one should act 'as one',plus the artistic vision of the object.

Sweet Freedom said...

You are absolutely right, Halinka! So much more goes into photos than just the object being photographed!