Thursday, June 11, 2020

A new beadweaving tutorial: Paisley Flower Power

I published a new beadweaving tutorial almost 3 months ago, right after going into self-isolation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I guess all my faculties went on mental vacation, because I didn't post about it here or on Pinterest, so I am trying to rectify that now!

This is a fun tutorial, with lots of variations. It can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and a fun ring you can fidget with.

Paisley Flower Power: A beadweaving tutorial by Sweet Freedom Designs

As shown in the above photo, the bracelets have 2 different variations: either all flowers, or flowers separated by DiamonDuo/GemDuo segments. Likewise, the necklace can have flowers just at the front, or all the way around. And of course the earrings can be varied in a number of way: length, embellishment, adding dangles, etc. You can also use one of the Paisley Duo/Zoliduo flowers as a button-type clasp. Lots of possibilities!
Paisley Flower Power Bracelet with Flower Button Clasp, by Sweet Freedom Designs

It's a 23-page full-color tutorial with 6 different colorways outlined at the end. As always, it is available here, in my Etsy Shop.

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