Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reviving a Mini-Zombie

Remember the Zombies? Those projects you're so excited to start, but then never finish?

I'm not doing very well on my resolutions to dig up some of my Zombies and finish them, but let's not dwell.

I AM doing better at not creating Zombies - much better. I used to start projects left and right, casting them aside a few days (or weeks) later for something newer and shinier. Now, I make a concerted effort to finish one project before starting a new one...but sometimes, stuff gets in the way. Know what I mean?

In the wake of the flurry of creative activities surrounding the 5x5 challenge I just finished, I almost created a new zombie!

Remember this piece?

Mojave turquoise pendant

I was just about to take it apart and redo it, when I was chosen for the 5x5 challenge - I set it aside on my workbench, in a safe place - and .... 2 weeks later (seems like 6 weeks!) - forgot about it!

It never made it to my box of Zombie projects in the Zombie cabinet, but trust me - I completely, totally forgot about this piece. Yesterday, I was itching for a new project, wandering around the bead shop looking for ideas and inspiration, and decided to wander back to the workbench for a stronger pair of glasses, and caught sight of this pendant.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon trying to extract the cabochon from its bezel:
 prying the bezel open like a sardine can - the stone is still stuck tightly in place!

finally: the cab is free!

Today, I'll get busy with this redo - starting with measuring and cutting the bezel wire. This was actually the hardest part last time, because of the irregular shape of the cab.

Stay tuned - I really will get this pendant finished. Soon. Fingers crossed.....

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Christine Altmiller said...

Ooooo, I cannot wait to see this, because I really liked the original. And re: your comment on my blog, if I am ever in the area I will certainly be coming by your shop!!! Thanks!