Friday, April 5, 2013

Freeform Netted Necklace

I finished my freeform netted necklace late yesterday afternoon, and it is now available in my Etsy shop.

freeform netted necklace in citrine and bronze hues

detail - freeform netting

freeform necklace toggle closure

Wanna know a secret?

The necklace pictured above is NOT the WIP in all the previous pics on this blog - for example - this pic:

freeform netting WIP (iteration 1)

If you look really closely, you can spot the differences - here is a cheat sheet, pointing out a few of them:

  • the ends of the WIP are wider than the finished necklace ends you see in the 3rd pic above
  • the WIP contains a lot more large pieces of citrine (big nuggets) than the finished piece
  • the WIP contains faceted hessonite garnet, in a burnt orange color

Here's what happened:

At about the time of my March 14 update post, the ends of WIP had reached the width I was shooting for, so I stitched up the toggle bar you see in the finish piece, and attached it AND the Swarovski Cosmic Ring to the ends, so that I could better gauge the finished length of the necklace.

Then I moved in about 5 inches from each end, and started adding more width and chunkiness/fullness to the center of the necklace, in a graduated fashion - in my mind, I saw a sort of a V-shaped overall silhouette to the necklace, with it being widest at the center front, and coming to sort of a "V" when worn. So I moved back and forth across the center with my stitching, while moving further away from the ends with each pass, so that the necklace width kept growing symmetrically in the front.

I was about 30 minutes away from being finished on March 26, which I mentioned at the bottom of this post. The necklace was about 3 inches wide in the very center, and almost had the "V" I was shooting for. Just a couple of more stitches to add. I was so excited!

And for some reason, I picked the necklace up to survey my results - I think I was looking to make sure my last few stitches got exactly in the center. But something bad happened. Very bad.

I call it "turtling", but simply because I refuse to call it by what it really reminds me of.

You know how when a cockroach dies, it always seems to die on its back?

Well, this freeform necklace I had been stitching for weeks "cockroached" on me when I held it up: the thick, wide, chunky center section turned face down, revealing its un-embellished backside - and I imagined it would look like nothing so much as a sparkly feedbag when worn, lying there underneath the chin, waiting to catch crumbs:

Sorry - In my despair, I didn't get pics of my cockroaching necklace.

I tried several things to stabilize the center, but the necklace now had a life of its own, and wouldn't behave at all. It was too heavy, chunky, and wide, and it just lay there, like a hammock. So after about an hour of fretting, I grabbed some sharp scissors, laid the necklace flat on my bead mat, and cut my way right up the center of it, severing all the strands right up the middle. Then, one at a time, I picked up a severed half, and "milked" all the beads off the severed Fireline and into a tupperware container. And then I started sorting them. And then I started stitching all over again.

So the new necklace's silhouette does not "v" in the center, and you can bet I checked how it was lying frequently while I was stitching!


BackstoryBeads said...

I kept wondering when you were going to show us the finished piece - you were SO CLOSE!! Your post gave me my laugh for the day (although you must have been close to tears at the time.) I can just see your masterpiece "turtling." But all's well that ends well, and your final design positively glows with warmth!

KJ said...

Oh that is painful. I have started over so many times. It needs to be done, but that doesn't mean it is not painful.

The necklace turned out beautifully.