Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tangle Tuesday

I have been exploring the use of tangles themselves as strings, and here is another attempt:

For this design, I used "Eyelet + Ribbon" as the string. This particular pattern presented my hardest challenge - trying to make it look like a ribbon coiling back on itself. I have ZERO formal art training, and no skills at 3-D rendering or perspective, so these are really hard for me. I threw 3 loops into my eyelet lace, and am not really happy with any of them. Plus, the eyelet lace effect is really lost now, with all the tangling around it - when it was the only thing on the paper, it really did look like lace (except for my pitiful loops!).

Other tangles I used here:
  • punzel
  • cracked
  • podz
  • betweed
  • confettus
  • zebra
  • diamond net
  • cables
  • sponge
 I especially  like the podz (lower right corner)! I still need to work on my punzel. And cracked (lower left) was tons of fun! I just wish my lacy ribbon showed up better!


Shirley Moore said...

I can see what you were trying to accomplish. I agree, the pattern does get a bit lost..maybe coloring it?? But I'm so in awe of your Zentangle skills! Way beyond me! Keep working at it, I think you have a great idea!

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Shirley - I always enjoying zentangling!