Monday, April 1, 2013

Google Nose

Have y'all seen this new Google feature?

I got in on the Beta Testing - take a look!

While searching for some images on Google today, I saw this:

Google Nose

I clicked on Google Nose, and was taken to the Beta Testing Page:
Try Google Nose Beta

I'm normally not keen on Beta Testing, but who could resist this scentsation?

How Google Nose works

The "how it works" page was a little vague, but WTH, right?

I decided I could smell "wet dog" any time I want, so why not go big, and try "Abraham Lincoln"?

You have chosen Abraham Lincoln: "Old, Musty, Remnant of American History"
Bring your nose close to the screen, press enter, and start smelling!

Transmitting scent .... am I smelling the Lincoln Memorial?

since Lincoln smelled more like "laptop", I decided to search the database for laptop - and there it was!

"Lincoln" and "laptop" smelled the same. Google Nose was pushing "used napkin", so I clicked on it, too.

used napkin

I finally gave in to my curiosity, and pulled up" wet dog":
Google Nose database: Wet dog

I loved how Google Nose provided pics of wet dogs, along with the scent. Only one scent in the database, though. Maybe all wet dogs smell the same.

You can share your scents with your circle on Google+, too. Of course, I am not ON Google+, nor do I know anyone who I want to share taxi cab smell with.

share the scent on Google+

The Googleplex itself is in the database, too:

So, that's my experience with Google Nose - hope you got to try it!

Ahhhh .... those wacky Googlers.

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