Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Worktable

My freeform beading for the Head-to-Head Challenge is what's on my worktable. It's been there for a couple of weeks, and will be there for many more - It progresses at a seemingly glacial pace - I stitch for 7 or 8 hours, and that equals less than 1 inch of finished piece. Still a long way to go! But I love it.

I truly, truly love it - the beads take on a life of their own, and just go wherever they want. Sometimes that's not good, and I have to do some finagling to make the project veer back towards a wearable shape. But it is really fun!

Sonya and I both want to be surprised by what each other makes for the challenge, so this will probably be my last Wednesday Worktable post for a few weeks. The last post was photoshopped to disguise my work (to protect the innocent?) - and so is this pic, showing my progress as of this morning:

I'm having so much fun playing with the distortion effects in photoshop that I'm taking away from my beading!

This project is so much fun that I would like to take it home for the long holiday weekend, where I have so much uninterrupted quiet time facing me that I might, MIGHT even be able to finish it. But 2 things are stopping me:

1) transporting all the various color-sorted bead soups that I have set-up for the stitching, in their plastic cups with NO LIDS, is problematic. Especially the way I tend to drive: one slamming on of brakes, and their would be beads every-damn-where. No thanks.

2) I am going to run out of the particular Fireline I am using sometime after lunch today, if my stitching schedule holds. I am using 4 lb Fireline for this, which I have to special order (I normally use 6lb). I bought a 30yd spool back when I started the challenge, and I cannot believe it is almost all gone. Part of it was sacrificed to the 2 false starts I got off to - it was too time-consuming to take apart the stitching bead by bead, preserving the Fireline, so I just cut it up and gathered the beads. If I had known how much thread this project would eat, I might not have been so hasty! Now I am waiting for the UPS lady to bring me my new order of Fireline, but it will probably arrive either this Friday (when the shop is closed) or next Monday. So no stitching for me this Holiday weekend!

I'll get back to publishing regular Wednesday Worktable posts once I have a new project on my worktable.

Happy Wednesday!

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