Friday, November 2, 2012

Ocean-Inspired Freeform Beaded Metal Pendant

This is the finished pendant that I was working on Wednesday; I beaded all day Wednesday and most of yesterday, and now it's done!

It is mostly freeform netting, with a mix of different seed bead sizes and shapes, one chrysocolla coin bead, some Czech firepolish beads, and some freshwater pearls. My beading covers 4 of the 5 rivets that hold the copper and aluminum together, and the remaining rivet is perfectly placed in the center of the heart design (unplanned!)

The colors and bead mixes reminded me of the ocean, which prompted the sentiment I stamped on the back:

I patinated the letters with Prismacolor pencils, followed by a coat of lacquer.

I love the beach and the ocean, and am constantly inspired by them. What inspires you?


Christine Altmiller said...

Gorgeous Pendant! I love how you pulled together the metal adn the beading. Just beautiful!
I am all about the mountains, woods, lakes, rivers and music. I draw most of my inspiration from them. But a nice late fall day at the ocean~very cleansing. Well, maybe not this year.....

BackstoryBeads said...

I love, love how this turned out. The chrysocolla coin is gorgeous against the copper, and you've surrounded it with the perfect mix of beads. Fabulous piece!!