Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Head to Head Challenge, Update

Last month I entered into a Head to Head Freeform Beading challenge with my friend Sonya. Today is the day we designated for posting an update, showing our progress.

Yesterday, Sonya and I got to have a (way too brief!) visit, and we talked about this update stuff - we are both a little conflicted about what to reveal, because we both want to be surprised by what the other makes!

Here is the bead that is inspiring our beadwork (some of which must be freeform):

I have drawn up my design on paper and chosen my beads, and I've actually been stitching away for about 5 days (with a couple of false starts thrown in, where I ended up ripping out hours of stitching because it was heading in the wrong direction!). I have been really lucky with timing, in that both times Sonya snuck into the bead shop for a visit, I JUST managed to throw a bead mat over my work and hide it from her. HA!

Here is a fancy distorted photoshopped image of what I have stitched so far:

Come back on December 14 for more fancy Photoshoppery; our big reveal will be January 14!

Don't forget to check out Sonya's Head to Head update!

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dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

Oh now I really am intrigued, your photoshopped pic is cool!