Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tangle Tuesday, and a bead show

We almost didn't have a Tangle Tuesday this week .... stay tuned for details (below). But I knew how you guys LIVE for seeing my weekly tangles, so I just had to come through for you :)

To begin with, I used something I call an "amoeboid string." It meanders around with lots of enfolding loops, similar to the pseudopodia on an amoeba. I really like the way it turned out!

Some of the tangles I used here include:
  • static
  • corn rows
  • zewm
  • waves
  • warped eggs
  • Hollibaugh
  • aura

Last week was crazy - I was out sick Tuesday and Wednesday (sorry beaders - bead shop closed) with a killer 3-day migraine - I had it Monday, too - on my day off :(

It was one of those bad, bad headaches where it hurts too bad to sleep, and you can't concentrate. Can't watch TV, can't read, can't work on the computer. And SO much nausea. You just kinda want to die after a day or so ... much less, 3 days.

Then a crazy busy day Thursday at the bead shop, and then the bead shop was closed (again) so we could road trip to the big Franklin Gem and Mineral (BEAD!!!) show - where more craziness ensued.

It was interesting to see all the new beads, and what beads are trendy: the big thing was gemstone rounds with a "belt" of pave rhinestones set around the widest part of their circumference. These were absolutely everywhere, in every color imaginable. I finally asked one of the vendors what they were called, since I haven't even seen these in the beading magazines. He said "agate." (In my head, I said, "thanks, Sherlock") - I'm sure these trendy paved beads have a name, but you won't learn it from me! (I just searched Google, and can't even find a pic of them.) I actually thought they were the next closest thing to tacky, and didn't buy any of them. Not a single strand (which means they'll be on the front page of Bead & Button next month, and 250 people will be asking for them before the month is over.) But I got hundreds, and hundreds, and thousands, of other cool beads, focals, and findings! I'll have to take some pics and post them here!

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday restringing and pricing them, and will now be spending however long it takes to get representative samples of ALL of them put out in the shop.

So that is why we almost didn't have a tangle today - I seriously did not think I would finish on Sunday, and would be at it all day yesterday (Monday, which is my tangling day). But I was on a streak, and my DVR was storing Once Upon a Time, Revenge (2 hours!), Mad Men, and some other stuff WHILE I was watching Celebrity Apprentice (Go, Penn!) - so I just kept watching recorded stuff while stringing and pricing, and before I new it, I was on the last show (Mad Men), I priced the last strand, with 15 minutes of Mad Men left to watch - and it was 4:30AM.

Finished Mad Men (wherein Don Draper is more of a shit than EVER before), went to bed, slept very late, and finally got up. And tangled!

Have a great week - enjoy the tangle, as there most definitely won't be one NEXT Tuesday, because I am teaching a 3-day Cold Connections workshop this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Crazy!


DeborahRead.com said...

thank goodness you made it through all that craziness I dont know what I would do if my Sweet Freedom Designs tangle tuesday fix wasnt up

Shirley Moore said...

Ok, I'm tired just hearing all that! And so very sorry about the migraine. I do have them, but have only had a couple that bad. Wished I lived closer, I'd be glad to help you restring and price. :) There are lots of 'trendy' styles that don't appeal to me, so I get what you're talking about with the gemstones.
And I do so love your tangle! Off to look those up!

Sweet Freedom said...

That's what I'm sayin', Deborah: for every one of you comments, there are at least 10,000 lurkers waiting for my next tangle!

And thanks, Shirley - I would have loved some help with the restring/pricing. It gets tedious! But you DO get to drool all over the pretty shinies...

BackstoryBeads said...

I've suffered through a few migraines, but nothing, NOTHING like what you went through!

Sounds like I need to plan a road trip of my own - to your store to see all the new pretties!!!

Love your concise Mad Men analysis...couldn't have summed it up any better. But I'm still watching!

Sweet Freedom said...

We'll miss you this weekend, Karin - we are going to have a fantastic workshop (did you get my e-mail?)