Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cold Connections Weekend

I spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday teaching a Cold Connections workshop, and we all had a really fun time - but I am absolutely exhausted!

Here is a bit of what I accomplished, in between teaching duties - a lot of these pieces still need finishing touches like some jumprings, or earwires - etc., but all the metalwork is done:

busy metal workshop weekend!

This was just a quickie pic - I have a lot of post-workshop clean up to do today, and once everything is back in order, I'll sit down and finish these pieces, and take better photos (many of these will end up on Etsy). I'll post better pics and more details about each piece as the week goes on.

Here is another WIP from this weekend (naturally, it started out as a paper mock-up:
my paper bracelet

I started freehand drawing the individual sections on Saturday, adjusting their sizes and shape so that the finished bracelet would be the proper length. I knew I wanted to use one of my Picasso fused glass cabochons as the centerpiece.

I didn't even finish all the little paper segments the first day, and every time I got up to help a student, the pieces would get blown around and lost under other stuff. I'd sit back down, and wonder aloud where my "paper bracelet" had gotten to, so pretty soon everyone had taken to calling it the "paper bracelet."

Some time Sunday I finished the paper model, and took them home with the shears and the sheet copper, so I could get them all cut out.

center segment of the "paper bracelet" - stamped and ready for etching

This is the center copper segment - this is the pattern I etched on all the pieces.

I got them sanded, stamped, and into the acid yesterday morning, and was starting to set the cabochon as class ended last night. I still need to finish the stone setting, and punch holes in all the links for jump rings, and figure out what kind of clasp I'm going to use. So this one is a little bit away from being finished. I'll post some more pics of its progress later this week.

Have a great day - I'm off to put away all my "toys" and clean up! 


BackstoryBeads said...

I can just sense from your writing all the fun that was had over the week-end. Great mix of components on your worktable. **Sigh** I will just have to wait for you to unveil all the goodies!

DeborahRead.com said...

Looks like you had some fun
cant wait to see your finished piece

Christine Altmiller said...

Ooooo~lots of good stuff here! That trampoline is so cool! And I really like the picasso glass piece a lot. I am looking forward to seeing photos of this bracelet a little further up the road :-)