Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just another Sunday - NOT

We slept a little late this AM, and once everyone had had morning pees, and poops, and breakfast, and the little one had had his meds, we all headed upstairs. I was going to start beading, but that was over 4 hours ago, and here I still sit on the computer. You guys know how that goes.

Somehow, the little dog and I made it upstairs before Bailey. The little one, who I have re-named Gumball, because I didn't like Gumbo as a name for him, decided he wanted to sit on the bed, and tried unsuccessfully to jump up there - he had no chance, even in perfect health, to make it, IMO, but he keeps surprising me everyday with his improvements. But I lifted him up, and he ran up towards the pillows, and settled right in.

Bailey soon bounded upstairs (he had been thoroughly checking the kitchen floor for any spillage Gumball might have left, and then thoroughly cleaning it up for me, which takes awhile, because Gumball makes a big mess for a little dog!)

And in case you can't tell from this picture, one of these dogs is happy, and one is giving his very best pout! How DARE I share my bed with another dog.

As it turns out, they were both basically sitting in my way, so I eased onto my spot, and just shifted Gumball a few inches to the right, and Bailey moved himself to the end of the bed, out of my way.

Gumball saw where Bailey had gone, and I think I may have accidentally elbowed Gumball, and he hopped up and headed down to the end of the bed near Bailey. And in case you can't tell, Bailey is now REALLY unhappy. But they both stayed there for a couple of hours, until I decided we might as well take a pee break.

When we came back inside, Gumball, who is now pretty enthusiastically bounding up the stairs, headed straight for Bailey's super-deluxe lambswool bed behind the chair (pay NO attention to all the dog hair and the scuffs on the wall - that is Bailey's interior decorating style) - and he is still there, napping.

He spends a lot of time napping -after all, he is 105 years old in human years!

But all Bailey noticed was MY empty bed, so he hopped right up with his Baby, and chilled out. For awhile - then I accidentally touched him with my foot, which is a big no-no, so he jumped down to get into his bed, and discovered the interloper!

He gave it a little thought, and then headed over to this bed - which used to be his bed before I upgraded to the deluxe.

I hauled it upstairs this morning for Gumball, but Gumball had bigger ideas - and went deluxe.
So this is another patented pouty face from Bailey.

And now Bailey is up and growling at me because he wants to get in his own special bed, and it is occupied. But he is so sweet and so docile that he would never tried to evict Gumball! But he really wants ME to take care of it!


retrothreads said...

These updates are so great. It's beautiful that they are getting along ! Reminds me of my sister-in-law going against my brother's wishes and allowing an aging cat into their lives. She took Sebastian to the vet, kept him fed and cared for and thus his last year was spent in comfort.

PussDaddy said...

Do you think they are going to make friends?


Sweet Freedom said...

thanks retro - whatever happens, he will be comfortable, I assure you.

And PD - I think friends may be going too far - Gumball basically just ignores Bailey, and Bailey is such a wimp that he just figuratively rolls over whenever Gumball encroaches on his territory -

I was having a HUGE problem getting Guball to drink (eating was not a problem) so the vet had told me to get a pediatric syringe and gently force the water down the back of his throat. I hated doing this. ANd when I got home that night, after I had fed Gumball, I fixed Bailey's dinner, which is plain old grocery store dry food, that I put some water in to make (delicious!) water-gravy. I went upstairs to change clothes, never dreaming that Gumball would still be hungry or approach Bailey's solid food, but I DID tell Bailey to be good....when I came back down 3 minutes later, Gumball was slurping down the water gravy, and Bailey was lying down 6 ft away looking at me like I was the worst Mom EVER.

So now Gumball gets some super yummy water gravy 5-6 times a day, just so I know he's getting enough water.

And he is still lying in the middle of Bailey's bed - Bailey is annoyed, and keeps going behind the chair and then sighing, like I should have nipped this in the bud hours ago, but he is not being aggressive with Gumball at all - and he never would. Not his nature. And something tells me he knows Gumball is sick, too.

PussDaddy said...

Well you know sometimes animals are a lot more intuitive and able to adapt than we think they are. Just give Baily extra head rubs and stuff to let him know he is still loved and not being replaced. I know it will all work out if given time.


Sweet Freedom said...

I know it will all turn out fine. Bailey is being so sweet and submissive, and just putting on a big pout fest for me, but I know he is also a little hurt.

I have told him that if keeps pouting, I will be searching Etsy for a pet psychic!

And once it cools down below 185 degrees here (that's 285 degrees when you factor in the humidity!) Bailey and I will start our daily walks again - which I know Gumball will never be able to do. So Bailey will have special Mommy and me time!