Saturday, July 24, 2010

I doubt this will end well

Our new little visitor came home from work today all tuckered out (doesn't take much to tucker him out) and he wandered behind a chair in my bedroom and discovered Bailey's bed. And he curled up, and hasn't moved yet.

It's been 2.5 hours now.

Bailey hasn't noticed yet - he is reveling in having me all to himself on the bed. But he will notice eventually.

Can't wait to see how that goes - last night, after the little guy had finished his dinner, he strolled over to Bailey's dinner, and proceeded to start drinking all the "gravy" out of Bailey's bowl. I had been upstairs changing clothes, and I came down to discover Bailey lying down 6 feet away from his bowl, watching the little guy chow down - my big old baby submissive Bailey had just walked away from his food, and offered it up to the intruder.

We'll see if he shares his bed. My guess is he will go find another comfy place, like the throw rug int the bathroom, and sack out there, rather than force a confrontation. He is such a sweet sharer!

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