Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi, my name is Sweet Freedom, and I am Addicted to Television.

That wasn't so hard.

I absolutely love TV - I think there's a set in every room of my house (including the master bathroom - *hangs head in shame*), and one room even has 2 television sets (due to the incompatibility of TIVO and Wii!)

This is my friend Tubey, the Television Without Pity mascot. - he and I share a lot of the same interests. Really, a lot.

I'm such a TWoP fan, that I even have 2 stuffed Tubeys, which I won in charity auctions.

Bailey loves TV, and Tubey, too.

Here he is with Tubey - they're both doing their best Buck Nekkid imitations. Buck's a frequent visitor in the TWoP Pixel Challenges. Looks like Thong Tubey even made it into that challenge!

Anyway - all that stuff is just to get to THIS point - I thought February was "Sweeps Month" - one of those 4 months every year (February, May, July, and November) when every network puts up their best programming, hoping to win the Nielsen ratings, and thereby increase their advertising rates - or something like that.

But I have never lived through a February with this many damn reruns by the major networks.

And I am sick of it - give us some original programming! Or I will be forced to watch True Beauty, or The Bachelor, or some such. Good grief.

/Rant over.

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