Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call me a Lemming...

And not in the sense of "Call me a cab" - but what I'm saying here is, I have been known to follow a fad or 2 or 10, and now I have a Wii, complete with Wii Fit. Yes, I have jumped on the Wii Bus.

I only wanted the Wii Fit, but being completely gaming-impaired, I did not realize that Wii Fit does not function without Wii.

And naturally, because of their HUGE popularity, I had to order both on the Internet, since none were available locally.

But I have them now, and after much technical difficulty (not the setting-up part - I am actually a wiz at all that wiring, etc - and none, count them, NONE of the VCRs, DVRs, etc in my house blink "12:00" - I can program and set any of that stuff) --- the problem was, none of the TVs in my house were new enough to have the orange, yellow, and white connections required for Wii compatibility.

So now I also have a new TV in my bonus room. A "Bonus TV", as it were.

So Day 1 with Wii Fit I learned, among other things, that my Wii Fit age was 66.

As Ellen Degeneres would say, "How Dare You?!?!"

On Day 2, after having done Wii step aerobics for a whopping 6 minutes the previous day, and a few of the balance games, Wii Fit pronounced my Wii Fit age to be 55.

Today (Day 3), after again having done 6 whole minutes of step aerobics yesterday, and nothing else, the thing announced my Wii Fit age is now 34.

I figure at this rate, I should be in utero by Valentine's Day!

This Wii Fit is actually a WABAC Machine! I may re-name my Mii "Sherman", and start calling Bailey "Mr. Peabody".
Ooh - look Sherman even has red hair, just like me. The haircut looks oddly familiar, too.
Do0 do0 do0 do0, do0 do0 do0 do0 - I hear that Twilight Zone theme in my head again....

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's wonderful!! I've wanted a Wii Fit for so long they look fabulous and congrats on growing younger by the day, how much more could you ask for?? ;-) Enjoy♥