Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is STILL bugging me.

Can anyone explain this to me? Maybe I just missed something, though I don't think so.

I previously blogged about seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - I think I actually saw it on the day it opened. Anyway.....

One scene in the movie just really bugged me, and I still can't figure it out, and I'm wondering if anyone else is scratching their heads over this, or they just write it off to "movie magic", or "poetic license", or just what exactly did I miss...

So, after taking the briefest of glances at the Baby Benjamin's face, Benjamin's father grabs him up when the infant is only a few minutes old, wraps him up and never looks at the kid again, and dumps him on a doorstep.

Then, sixteen or however many years later, this bio-dad spots much older, and extremely physically altered Benjamin, NOWHERE NEAR the place where he dumped the infant, and yet he instantly recognizes him as his son? The now grown man who in NO WAY resembles that infant the father last saw, for all of 3 seconds, years and years earlier?

No way.

Someone please explain this to me, or agree that I am right to be bugged by this.

Not that this was the only thing about this movie that bugged me - but this was my major issue.



Lizardo said...

I thought he went back to the same place he dropped him off and that is how he knew. Maybe I wasn't paying as much attention as I thought..

Sweet Freedom said...

You could be right about that, Lizardo - maybe I zoned out for a sec, but still - it was years and years later, and since Benjamin aged backwards, it just isn't logical that the father would automatically recognize this random person, who wasn't chronologically 16 years old in appearance, as his son.

It was like he just randomly picked out a person wandering around, and KNEW it was his son

Too much for me -