Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really Cool Day!

And I don't just mean the temperature outside!

Yes, it was 16 degrees this morning, but it rose to 26 before I left the house, and it actually felt pretty nice, and was a gorgeous day - brilliantly sunny.

I went to Kroger ( I would literally, and I do mean literally, rather have a root canal than go to the grocery store; but when you're out of food, you're out of food...) and then I headed over to the Martinez post office, which is not far from the bead store. I had to ship out the latest item to sell from my new Etsy Destash Shop! I am loving the destashing business...

Anyway - these acrylic risers are just great for folks doing craft shows and other venues where you need too display lots of stuff in a small space, for maximum visibility. The lovely folks at JB Soaps purchased 2 of these (thanks!) - and I still have a few left, if anyone is interested.

Then I headed over to the shop, stashed my groceries in the fridge until I could take them home after work, and opened up the store.

Within a few minutes, a customer came in and said she was looking for a couple of beadcaps, and just wanted to browse around. About an hour later, she was ready to check out, and when I got to the register, she had brought up the 2 beadcaps, and this necklace:

She said that she had been looking around the store for ideas, but that this necklace was prettier than anything she could have thought up, so she just wanted to take it home with her.

What a great compliment!

This necklace had been in my Etsy shop for a while - it is (to me, anyway) just absolutely stunning, primarily because of the gorgeous handmade lampwork beads provided by Amy, of AKD Lampwork. Check out Amy's beads - they are unbelievable! Plus she is a really nice lady!

You just don't know how this made my day - I felt so appreciated, plus business has been super slow since the holiday season ended, so this sale was extra-appreciated.

Isn't it funny how the need for 2 beadcaps led to this?

We have a wire-wrapping class tomorrow at the shop. The projects are 2 completely different styles of earrings, and a ring to match one of the earrings - should be a lot of fun.

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equivoque said...

Oh, but it has been so cold!
--equivoque by way of Etsy