Monday, January 26, 2009

Before and After

In my shop, there was a mannequin, who very helpfully displayed various necklaces. We would change her shirt with the seasons, and match her jewels accordingly.

But I got tired of looking at her, and decided to make a change last week.

Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite places, put all their floral stems and other flower-arranging stuff on sale @ 50% off last week, and I decided to put together this flower arrangement. It turned out to be much bigger than I had anticipated when I was buying all the stems, and when I looked for a place to display it in the store, the perfect spot was where Ms. Mannequin had been, so I decided she just had to go. I put my flowers there on a cute little table. I put a beautiful art glass fountain below it, and now I have the peaceful sound of trickling water all day.
And if you look closely, you can see my gold spiral necklace on the black wicker bust display.
I love the new look!


Jen said...

You have a beautiful shop! I hope it brings in a ton of sales for you!

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Jen!

hollyzhobby said...

Sorry Ms.Mannequin, two thumbs up for the floral arrangement.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks holly - appreciate it!

haberheartwork said...

I love your new look, especially the fountain. Sorry for Ms. Mannequin, buy, hey, everybody needs a vacation.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks haberheart - and she may not get as much vacation as she thinks, because I think I can rope her into modeling necklaces for my Etsy Shop!