Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody!

As usual, I "rocked out" at home with some champagne and some TV.

I am SUCH a party animal.....

And speaking of party animals, Bailey, of course, was my date for New Year's, just like every year - and just like every other New Year's Eve, he spent it in my bedroom closet.

Bailey is absolutely terrified of fireworks, and I have the world's WORST next-door neighbors, who find it impossible to "celebrate" any occasion without throwing a big ole shindig in their driveway (which is right outside my bedroom window) - complete with a keg, and a bunch of pick-'em up trucks blasting country music. They all get out there in their lawn chairs and hoot and holler and shoot off fireworks for, and this is no exaggeration - 3 or 4 hours, starting around 11:30 PM.

So Bailey whines for me to open the closet, and then he settles in for the night, refusing to go outside even long after the dreadfulness ends, just in case it should start up again.

Which is not a totally ridiculous notion, because they usually manage to have fireworks left over, some how, and manage another 45 minute or so show the NEXT night.

And these aren't the nice, pretty fireworks you see on TV - just stupid, dangerous noise-making fireworks that keep turning up spent all over my yard, and my roof, and my driveway, for the next few weeks.
And speaking of stupid, what is with this Google-Analytics brouhaha over at Etsy?

What a freakin' mess.
This is a screenshot of the Help Forum from, a few minutes ago - nearly every single thread is about Google-analytics.

When will people (and by people, I mean both Etsy admin AND Etsy sellers) learn NOT to jump on every fast shiny train that speeds by until you're sure it's going where you want to go?

Gotta run - "24" just started, and I have been missing Jack Bauer something fierce!

See ya!

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