Friday, May 9, 2008

Mixed Emotions

I'm leaving for school in about 36 hours, and I have just about made myself sick about it. For one thing, I can't really afford to go. So that keeps weighing on my mind. I keep hoping that my jewelry sales will miraculously pick up, and everything will sort itself out.

Then there is the fact that Bailey will be in the kennel for the whole two weeks - I have to drop him off tomorrow morning actually, because the kennel isn't open on Sunday. That adds an extra 2 days of boarding time to the bill, which also weighs on my mind - both financially, and because I hate for him to be there for so long.

Look at that face! I miss him already!

But it will be a wonderful, worthwhile experience, so as I said, mixed emotions.

The wonderful folks at Fuji came through for me, and got my camera back to me in time for the trip. I have taken some photos of some of the things I have made over the past few weeks, and will be listing them on Etsy while I am away.

Here is something I listed today - a gorgeous lariat made from peacock blue button pearls; simple, yet elegant.

It is 32 inches long from end to end, and available for sale in my Etsy shop.


PinkPoochDesigns said...

OH, Bailey is so cute and that necklace is gorgeous :O)

Sweet Freedom said...

First week of school is over, and was fabulous - one week to go, and I get to pick up my pooch!