Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Makeshift bead mat

I finally finished the freeform peyote bracelet I started in class last Thursday! I worked on it a good part of Sunday, and into the wee hours last night, and it is completely done except for the clasp (which is waiting for me in one of my many bead boxes at home - a perfectly matching stick pearl!)

Last night after supper, I lugged all the necessary stuff down to the cafeteria to begin my beading vigil, and started hauling stuff out of my 2 bags and 1 tool box (why does it take so much stuff?), and discovered that I had left my bead mat up in my room. As any beadweaver knows, one simply cannot spread out piles of seed beads without a beadmat, so I struggled with the decision to pack everything back up and go back up for the mat, and then realized that my green fleece hoodie would make a perfect makeshift bead mat.

And so it went.
You'll have to wait until I get home, attach the clasp, and take some proper photos if you want to see the finished bracelet. (it'll be worth the wait... I promise!)

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