Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Things I did Today

I slumped my very first bracelet in the kiln today. That's me, in the tin-foil sleeves, using the marvers to slump the molten glass over the mandrel in the kiln. I had to leave the bracelet annealing in the kiln overnight, so I won't know how it turned out until tomorrow. It sure was cool, though!

After supper, I watched a new friend make a borosilicate marble. This incredible lampworker is only 21, and has been working with glass for over 5 years already. Her work is absolutely unbelievable. I will put a few of the pics here, and more on my Flickr page later.

The marble has a green imploded flower inside, but it looks red in all these shots because the glass is so hot!

The marble also has to anneal overnight in the kiln, so I won't see it's final form until tomorrow at breakfast.

Great shots, huh?


retrothreads said...

Great photos ! Thanks for posting them. I am dazzled by glasswork and made a paperweight (with a lot of help) at a local glass studio. I love collecting borosilicate focal beads, and I love watching lampwork beadmakers at work, although I'm not getting into that territory...too expensive, too challenging, etc. I'll just stick to beadweaving. Looking forward to seeing how your bracelet turns out :)

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks for stopping by, retro!

I agree with you on the lampworking - I took a class last year, and decided it was not for me! I may get braver and try again someday, but for now, I have enough irons in the proverbial fire!