Monday, May 26, 2008


As in, Home Again, Home Again! Finally!

Got home from William Holland about 1:30 AM Saturday, and I am still tired. I worked all day Saturday, and half a day yesterday, and am finally off today.

And, somewhere in there I managed to pick Bailey up at the kennel, where they evidently made him forget all my house rules, as he now tries to take Baby outside, and he snuck his soccer ball into the bedroom last night!

I was off in my studio taking photos, and when I returned to the bedroom to upload them, I didn't even notice what he was chewing on the bed (how could I miss that?) until he started bouncing it off my right leg!

Who can resist that face, though?

These are the dichroic glass bracelets I made last week at William Holland (I showed a picture of me slumping the first one in my last post). They turned out nicely, but as with most dichroic glass, the photo does NOT do them justice. I also made a dichroic glass watch, but it did not photograph well enough to show - the glass is a wonky mix of pastel greens, pinks, and purples, and I will have to play with that one some more to get some decent pics.