Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kumihimo Rope with Long Magatamas

Just finished (almost finished)! 5 minutes ago I wove the last long Magatama into this kumihimo rope:

kumihimo rope with long Magatamas

This is the first time I have worked with the long Magatamas. For this rope, I used:

  • 400 long Magatamas: 200 in galvanized silver, 200 in galvanized gold (this equals 25.5 grams of each color).
  • size 8 Griffin Silk cord.
The resulting rope is 11.5 inches long. So if you're wondering how many Long Magatamas you need for your kumihimo project, there you have it (for an 8-warp braid; I put 50 beads on each warp.)

Now I just need to figure out how to finish it. The Magatamas made the rope pretty thick (although it is light as a feather!). It is not quite as wide as the one I made with the lentil-shaped beads,(although a heck of a lot lighter). Another similarity to the lentils: for the lentil kumihimo rope, you have to take great care to position all the Lentils inthe same direction as you are braiding, or the rope looks wonky, with the Magatamas, you must initially string all of them so they are "pointing" in the same direction. If they are strung properly, they'll pretty much orient themselves correctly as you braid.

detail, kumihimo rope with long Magatamas

I need to do some beadweaving projects with the long Magatamas before I decide whether I like them. I don't dislike them at this point, they are just OK. Though they really added great texture to this kumihimo!

But don't get me started on the Superduos - my current passion! I love those little two-holed beads. So far, I have only made one project with them (a necklace/earring set) - but I can't wait to do more. They fascinate me!

reversible bracelet/earrings made with Czech Superduos

[This reversible bracelet/earring project is featured in the August, 2013 Bead & Button.]

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BackstoryBeads said...

I was just planning out a kumihimo project in my head last night (migraine - couldn't sleep!). LOVE how sophisticated this looks. Recently picked up some tubes of long magatamas, so now I'm definitely going to have plan TWO kumihimo projects.