Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greek Key Bracelet

This is my latest herringbone bracelet, finished yesterday afternoon:
Greek Key Herringbone Bracelet

I love pink and purple together, and herringbone lends itself well to geometric designs.

I have a tiara board over on Pinterest, (I LOVE tiaras! - I could BE a princess, dammit!), and while they are all pretty, I have been fascinated by the Greek Key tiaras, and thought that design would adapt well to herringbone:

So, I downloaded the free Herringbone graph paper from Fusion Beads, and drew out my Greek Key pattern, chose my 11/0 triangles, and was ready to start stitching.

I had chosen a gorgeous ceramic button in the perfect color of purple to use as the clasp for this bracelet, but then I found this pewter button:

In my stash.

What an OMG moment - to quote Chandler from "Friends": "Could it MATCH any better?" No, it really couldn't. Unless it was purple.

I changed the color of border I had originally planned to go with, and decided to use matte pewter 11/0 triangles. Perfect!

This bracelet fits size 6.5 to 6.75 - I had originally planned to add one more "key" to the design, but each section is almost 2 inches long, so the bracelet would have gone from 6.75 to well over 8.5 - too big for most women to wear. So this one is for you petite ladies out there!

It is available on Etsy!

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BackstoryBeads said...

Yep! Perfect in purple and pewter.