Monday, February 1, 2010

Roadside Dinosaurs

On the way home from Gainesille, Bailey and I passed through Bishop, Georgia, which is really just a wide spot in the road, but had a couple of (closed) antique shops, and this cute little roadside lapidary/gift shop, with these fantastic fabricated dinosaurs facing the highway.

I parked the car next to the dinos, and went inside what I thought was the gift shop - turned out I was wrong, and it was actually the owner's home (the gift shop was in a shed next door). But his front porch was strewn with fantastic cabs, wire-wrapped crystals, and other rocky treasures, and despite his "Open" sign along the highway, the gentleman told me his shop was closed, but since I was there, he would let me look around his shop.

He left me alone to wander through his large gift-shed, and when I returned to his front porch to pay for my treasures, I asked about the dinosaurs, and he told me everyone tried to buy them, but he and his wife had grown so attached to them, that they no longer wanted to sell them.
So, naturally, now I WANT one.

And now for true confessions time.
I came here today to post all the things I posted here.
So imagine my surprise when I discovered I had already done (on 1/29), virtually word-for-word, what I had intended to do today. Obviously, I was so high on the Vicodin Friday night that I don't even remember making that entire post. And I am still having the headaches, but am now out of Vicodin, so hopefully the headaches will start to improve soon.

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