Friday, February 5, 2010

Shame on You, ABC

I am absolutely disgusted at the way ABC is promo'ing tonights 20/20 episode on Jenny Sanford.

I have had the TV on for less than 30 minutes (albeit, all during the ABC Evening News), and there have been at least 2, and I think 3, commercials for tonight's 20/20 interview between Barbara Walters and Jenny Sanford. And each commercial ends with a very dramatic voice intoning: "Jenny Sanford; She's the Woman Who Didn't Stand By Her Man". The commercials even end with a still shot of Jenny Sanford next to a headline reading: "The Woman WHO DIDN'T STAND BY HER MAN." In all caps, and bold font.

OK - here's the thing.

To stand by your man, he has to be standing beside you. Mark Sanford? Wasn't. He was off in Argentina.

So Jenny Sanford is "the woman who didn't put up with a cheating asshole husband."
Jenny Sanford is "the woman who didn't tolerate an adulterous snake."
Jenny Sanford is a courageous role model - unlike some other politicians' wives, who I won't be bothered to list here (listen up, HRC.)

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