Sunday, March 1, 2009

Musings on a Blah Day

This has been a very blah day.

It has been raining for almost 48 hours. Steady, and fairly hard. I really wish it was snow, instead - Bailey and I could have really had a good time today in the snow!

But nothing but rain.

For about 2 minutes last night, around 1 AM, it was really weird - there was suddenly a weird, really loud sound, like horses galloping on the roof of the house, and it took me 2-3 seconds to realize it was hail. Big hail.

I ran downstairs to take a look - and the hail wasn't those white chunks of ice I'm used to seeing when it hails - they were these jagged, absolutely clear crystals, about 1/4 to 3/4 inch wide - like it was raining ice cubes. No wind. Just a couple of minutes of this hail, and then back to the rain.

A few weeks ago, I hired a professional organizer to help me de-clutter my house. I have accumulated a bunch of stuff in the past 20 years, and was just too overwhelmed to tackle it myself.

So she has been coming once a week, and we tackle one room at a time - but we can't even finish one room on its alloted day, so I have ended up spending all day Sunday getting the scheduled room decluttered enough for us to tackle on Monday - and then most of Monday night and Tuesday night finishing up.

And I am tired of it.

We have thrown a lot of stuff away, and donated a lot to the Salvation Army, but we have found a lot of stuff, basically brand new (most, sadly, still with tags on it) - that is in perfectly good condition, so we have been piling it up to sell on Craig's list.

So I started photographing it yesterday after work, and then spent a good 7 hours today taking pictures, and have still not photographed all of it. So far, I have downloaded about 750 photos - so I need to go in and clean up the pics, and start posting.

I am beyond overwhelmed by all this, and the 2 days of rain haven't helped - I just feel all mopey - just like poor Bailey does.

I had to wash the comforter this morning, because he threw up on it, again - I still haven't quite wized up to his evil ways. It takes almost all day to accomplish this - it takes about 45 minutes in the washer, but then 4-5 hours in the dryer - and I don't want Bailey on the unprotected bed linens (that's a little too much dog hair, even for me) - so he has to be banned from the bedroom whenever I wash the comforter.

So he gets all mopey about that.

And I was down in the bonus room doing the pics, and he doesn't like the bonus room, so he elected to go outside and lie down in the middle of the yard, in the pouring rain, for hours.

Ahh - the smell of wet dog!

He would only come in if I bribed him with treats, and then he wanted right back out again.

But once I gave up on the pictures for today, and put the comforter back on the bed, he has joined me in the bedroom, with his cute little rain-induced faux-hawk.

And I never really notice how gray he is getting, 'til I see a photo like this.

Did I mention - the smell of wet dog?

So, I need to go start photoshopping.

See you in a month or so.


Carol Dean said...

With medium-large dogs in our lives, we have learned that something needs to go OVER the comforter that can be washed and dried more readily. I have a "matellaise" (sp? too lazy to look it up) throw that goes on top of the bed, year round, that I can easily throw in the washer and dryer when there's just been "too much dog." It wasn't cheap but it has help up really well to lots and lots of washing and was worth the investment.

Sweet Freedom said...

Interesting, CD - I'll have to look around. I have tried just putting a really really cheap chenille throw over the comforter, but after he's jumped up on the bed twice, it has slid halfway off, so I have just given up -