Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK - I was holding back

I was holding back in that post I made a few minutes ago.

Bailey is driving me up a freakin' tree.

He has been in and out, in and out, in and out all day. In the pouring rain.

And now that I settled down in the bedroom, with the comforter safely back on the bed, I thought he would settle down.

But instead, he immediately started bugging me to go out again. And bugging, and bugging.

So when I got damn good and ready (meaning, I finished posting, and needed to get up ANYWAY to go to the bathroom), I took him back downstairs and let him out. And closed the door. Because, as most of you know by now, he knows how to open the door when he's ready to come in.

But he is, of course, way too smart for my plans.

Because he deviously is sitting in the dark, on the deck, watching me, or listening, or both - and when I opened the fridge (to grab a beer - HA!) - and headed back upstairs, he waited until my poor old knees and I were just ONE step away from being back in the bed, and he opened the door and raced upstairs, figuring I would have a snack to share with him.


No snack for him, so he is moping again, but the joke was on me, too, because now I had to struggle back down the stairs on my horrible knees, to close the damn back door.

I'm sure I am only 2 minutes away from him begging to go out again.

Plus, I forgot to tell you about the stunt he pulled earlier this afternoon.

I decided to take a break from photographing, to try to clean a stubborn stain on my kitchen linoleum - it had been concealed for years by a piece of furniture, but the professional organizer and I did away with that piece of furniture last week (a cabinet containing about 50 co0kbooks -- for a woman with no working stove or oven! -- and supporting a microwave that hasn't worked in at least 6 years). So I filled a bowl with a mixture of 50% clorox and 50% water, and took my handy Black and Decker Power Scrubber, and slowly lowered myself down to the floor and started cleaning. Of course, Bailey immediately has to get right in the middle of all this - and wants to sniff the clorox water - and I have to tell him 3 times not to drink it, and he finally left once I turned on the scrubber. But then I had to stop for some reason, and turned my back, and I look back, and he is drinking the dirty clorox water. Like a camel in the desert. And the bowl of clorox water was less than 12 inches from his nice, full, clean water bowl...

What is the deal with him, today?

Anyway - it has been at least 7 hours since he imbibed the dirty clorox water, and he seems fine, so I guess no harm, no foul.


The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

Those are the days that you just want to kill them! In and Out In and Out...over and over and over...boy have we been there before...thank goodness ours can't open the doors!

Sweet Freedom said...

Tell me about it Muddy - he's begging to out again right now!