Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Picasso Glass Items Listed

I've been busily listing items over in my Etsy Supply Shop, including these pieces of Picasso-style dichroic glass:

I used a cabochon from this same glass slab to create this copper bracelet:

and this pendant:

This one has a very generous bail attached, so it's ready to hang from ribbon, leather, chain, etc. - these pieces are so vibrant and colorful that they easily stand alone!

I'll be posting more glass cabs and pendants soon; in the meantime, anyone have any tips on how to take better pics of dichroic glass? It's so pretty, but hard to photograph because the colors shift as the light changes and moves - I can never capture its true beauty! Open to suggestions, here - thanks in advance!


Halinka said...

Wonderful Picasso cabs-also the bracelet You've showed here is incredibly nice.I've watched Your Etsy items today-You've got many interesting things there.I love the copper pendant with small flowers on.I didn't think those beautiful objects You make can be sometimes so small and so precisely made.
-All the Best to You-

Sweet Freedom said...

Those tiny flowers were tough to cut, Halinka, and even tougher to rivet: I br oke 2 of them in half trying to rivet them to the dome, and had to make more of them!

BackstoryBeads said...

I have one of your Picasso pendants in classic Fall yellows, oranges and copper. One of my favorite pieces! Hung from slim black leather, it never fails to garner compliments! I especially love how the colors change with the shifting light.

Sweet Freedom said...

Thanks, Karin - they really are spectacular!