Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm having a sad day

After the big storm last night, I was worried about my emerging butterflies.

I rushed out this morning to check on them, still in my pajamas.

This one was the closest to the back door; he's the one that was not quite as far along in the emergence:

He looks a little damp and weather-beaten, but intact.

Unfortunately, the other one didn't fare as well:

His attachment to the siding was all that remained intact - so I started to hunt for the rest of his chrysalis.

I found this after a little searching, a few feet away from the attachment.

Then I found a piece of wing and some more chrysalis

A few more feet away, I found the rest of the butterfly.

I flipped it over to take another photo.

So, I'm already sad, but then I arrive at the bead shop, and as I'm taking Bailey for his first walk of the day, I find this, a few doors down from my shop:

Someone stepped on my grasshopper nymph.

Now I'm going to be sad all day.


Christine Altmiller said...

Oh No. A sad day, indeed.

Nancy Sopp said...

I have had the same reaction when a butterfly has emerged deformed. I had never thought I would be sad about the death of an insect. ( I never feel sad when slapping a mosquito!)

Sweet Freedom said...

Mosquitoes = blood sucking, disease-causing parasites!

My poor little grasshopper nymph was a harmless, cheery, bright green baby who adopted my bead store, for some reason, and he was my little good luck charm. Not hurting anybody. Boo on bug stompers!