Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grand (Re)Opening of my Supply Shop

Today's the grand re-opening of my Etsy Supply Shop, SweetGoodies (not a bakery, I swear!)

I started the shop several years ago, but closed it after only a few sales, because I was just too busy with other things to manage 2 Etsy shops AND the bead shop.

But times have changed, and I seem to have more time now, or I'm managing it better, or something, so I decided to re-open the supply shop, with a new focus. The old shop was strictly commercial supplies, the new shop will focus primarily on handmade components, although some commercial supplies will find their way in from time to time.

I got a few listings up today - I have made a pile of copper components, and am getting them listed, slowly. Today's photo session didn't go as well as I'd hoped, so I need to retake some of the shots.

I also have a huge pile of copper components that I am going to enamel for the shop: clasps, connectors, and more. - but I doubt I will get to the torch before the end of next week. But look for bright bursts of enameled color to flood the shop with a couple of weeks!

I already have 2 classes on the schedule for next week; 1 in wire wrapping, and 1 beadweaving. Just as I decided to dedicate my free time to making handmade components, classes are booking left and right. Not complaining, though!

Once I get the first batches of copper enameled, I hope to be able to take custom requests for enameled components in the supply shop, although I'm afraid the turn around will be LONG -- like 2-3 weeks, because of all my other commitments. Plus, it's just plain time consuming to start from scratch; creating the copper component first, and then taking it through the enameling process, and then photos. But I'll make it work!

Some of the items I listed today:


Halinka said...

Fantastic copper elements.What the textures and shapes!
Beautiful earrings!I love that turquoise and copper color connection.Those oval elements are so wonderful,that could be beaded and used as cabochons.
All the Best to You-Halinka-

BackstoryBeads said...


Therese's Treasures said...

Wonderful, I love your copper connectors they are beautiful I am going to go check out your shop.