Saturday, June 1, 2013

More from the Cold Connections Workshop

Here are the last 2 pairs of earrings I made at the Cold Connections Workshop I taught 2 weeks ago:

Zentangle-inspired domed oval copper earrings

This (above) is another pair of Zentangle-inspired earrings - these are long ovals, which I domed.

textured copper dagger earrings

I like these simple little textured dagger earrings!

I made a few other things you haven't seen yet during the Workshop: a heart charm, a Zentangle-inspired heart pendant, and 2 seashell-themed pieces - a scallop shell and a sand dollar:

copper sand dollar

copper scallop

These 2 pieces are deeply etched, and would make terrific pendants just as they are (well, the sand dollar needs a hole or 2 before it will hang...), but I'm not sure yet if that's the way I want to go. So they have gone back into my "To Do" box for the next time I haul out all the metal working stuff.

It would be so fantastic to have enough space to leave all my workstations set up ALL THE TIME! And what a time-saver, too. Maybe when I win the lottery....

Tomorrow: my adventures in aluminum etching!

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Must be the weather - etching binge
Lovely work