Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here's the second dichro slab

Yesterday I took a breather - a whole day away from jewelry and the bead shop. My blue-green dichroic glass slab sat all alone in the kiln at the shop, waiting for me to get here this morning and liberate it!

And I even remembered to check the pic orientation before I took the after pic:

blue-green-lilac Picasso-style dichroic glass slab, fused

same glass stack, before fusing

Look at the big difference in the greens, before and after fusing - interesting!

Today I have a lot of administrative stuff I have to do at the shop, but I'm hoping (fingers crossed!) to knock it out in a few hours, so I can start engraving these slabs this afternoon.


DeborahRead.com said...

again a superb tile love the color combo

DeborahRead.com said...

How do you feel about making such a big piece - I find it lets me draw more freely the zentangle patterns

Sweet Freedom said...

I have mixed feelings about it, Deborah -

If I'm trying to make many individual pieces, it is easier to create them as one big slab, and then cut them up (since they all have to be cold-worked, anyway) - the process of laying down that middle layer of dichro is SO time-consuming for me, getting them all to abut nicely without gaps. Much less cutting of individual mosaic pieces if you make one big slab/

And yes, easier to engrave as a large piece


On the downside - I find there is far to much waste when cutting the individual pieces out of the big slab. WAY more wasted glass. Plus, the 2 I made this week were 6 inches square, and as I was trying to cut out cabochons today, I noticed that my ring saw will only accomodate a 5 inch piece, so I actually had to cut the slabs in half to get them to fit on the saw.

Plus, I get tired of cutting them up in the ring saw - after I cut about 8 pieces out of each slab, I just put the slabs away for later - I kind of wish I had just made a few small individual pieces, instead of wasting all the glass. Might feel differently if I had a market for the finished glass!